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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Oh jeez, I hate how I always get so caught up in things and I just completely forget anything else!

I totally neglected my poor, poor blog! :(

Anyways, I figure I might as well have a little "review" on whatever's been going on in my life. (And it might bring me some inner-peace as well, I feel like I have a huge mess in my head!)

So here goes.

I started my second year (out of 3) at college. I'm doing a B.A degree in special education and learning disabilities, and I did not(!) expect this year to be so hectic! I have papers due, like, every goddamned day, tons of homework, lots of practical work in a youth-at-risk high school, and this semester's finals are coming up and I'm just trying to catch my breath and relax. Stressed out much?

I have a new boyfriend (yay!). We've been together for nearly 2 months now (and believe me, it's a huge accomplishment for me - I usually dump 'em after about a month.) and I absolutely adore him! He's the best ever! He's flying to South America for 5 months on February 29th, which sucks beyond words - but we'll manage. He's a year younger than me, we met while I was still doing my service in the Israeli army (about 2-3 years ago) and I've never been happier. He's the best ever!

I haven't done a lot of makeup purchases lately, but I've been doing lots of cool looks with it - I just never have time to take pictures before classes - but I'll try harder. I promise!!!

On a different note- I'm reading "A Clockwork Orange" at the moment and I'm having mixed feelings about it: on one hand I think that this book is extremely difficult to read - content wise - but on the other hand it's a freakin' masterpiece. And also, coming from a future educator's perspective, I think it describes the vicious, mallicious circle modern western society has got itself involved with but no one really does anything about it all. Bleh.

Anyways, I need to go study, study, study!
I'll do my best to update my blog more (with more pictures and all!)

Have a Merry Christmass, Happy Hannukah and the greatest new year ever!

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