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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Smashbox In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches and Review!

Ugh, I'm not having a good time at all today. It's one of those days when nothing seems to work, you know? How frustrating is that?!

So! I've decided to swatch and review my Smashbox In Bloom eyeshadow palette (ahem, Jess *wink wink*) just because I love it so much and it is simply friggin' awesome. If you can't recall what palette I'm talking about, here it is:
This palette features 10 matte, soft shimmer, satin and matellic soft shimmer powder eyeshadows in lovely, delicate colors that I think will go great with just about anything.

As for the swatches:
From left to right: Pink lilly, Lavender Grey, Golden Rose, Warm Taupe and Bone:

Again, from left to right: Soft Orchid, Iris Blue, Shimmery Copper, Moss and Nude:

*** Pros:
- Beauuuutiful colors!
- Quite neutral, so they really would go with just about anything
- The palette is vertically coordinated, which means that if you combine one eyeshadow from the top line and one eyeshadow from the bottom line - you'd get THE most amazing combo ever.
- Variety of styles (shimmer, matte etc.)
- It comes with a normal eyeshadow brush in it - meaning NOT a crappy sponge applicator, which is a great plus.
- Very good quality!

*** Cons:
- Extremely powdery. I wouldn't applying makeup on your whole face before you apply the eyeshadow, you'd have to clean those cheeks up after the application or else you'll look like a hot mess.
- Not cheap - it cost me around 48$ (equals about 175 NIS)!
- The case is a little hard to open since it doesn't have a spring mechanism and whatnot. It took me a while to figure it out, lol.

*** Overall:
- Quality: 5/5
- Packaging: 4/5
- Price: 4/5 (it's damn good quality. totally worth the price, but it's still expensive)
- Will I buy this product again: I doubt it, I think it was a limited edition - but I'm addicted to Smashbox, so I'd go with HELL YES.


  1. exciting! I could do with some of that

  2. I really might have to indulge myself in a Smashbox palette. I guess if you're gonna spend your money, it should be on one of their palettes instead of the tiny trio for a ridic price.

    And I think the In Bloom was LE because I didn't see it on the Ulta website, but the Girls on Film look amazing!