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Friday, August 19, 2011

Jersey Shore Rant

I warned you this might happen!

If any of you are watching that show and saw last night's episode, can we all just stop whatever it is we were doing for a second and ask ourselves "WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY???"

Honestly, I couldn't understand what was going on for the life of me. Sammi and Ronnie are back together? AGAIN? For real? Why?!
Deena decided she's "bi-curious" and fought with Vinny over a girl - who wasn't even that hot? What?!
Snooki and Mike - HUH???
And what the hell was Jenni doing, humping Pauly in the club? She was riding him like a unicorn! WHAT THE HELL? SERIOUSLY, MTV??
Also, I think Vinny might have a crush on Pauly and Deena, Deena has a crush on Pauly, and Pauly might have a huge crush on Jenni (first season dejavu, anyone?). Gosh, I miss the good ol' days when Snooki wanted to bang Vinny, Sammi and Ronnie were far from being lovey-dovey and Mike was just the heartless moron he usually is.

I am beyond confused.

That is all. Sorry for yelling, but that episode was just... wrong. On so many levels.

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