I'm not, by any means, a professinal make-up artist - I'm just having fun, doing what I love to do. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My middle name should be Houdini.

That's the only explanation I can possibly come up with for my lack of posting. I really let my blog down! :(

So first things first - I see I have 5 subscribers, which made my day. For realsies! It also means I should go back to writing, taking pictures and being the make up geek that I am.

My life, on the other hand, has been hectic. I just finished my second year at college (out of 3), at the top 10% of my class. Finally.
I'm moving out of my appartment in two weeks and moving in to a new one - without roommates, thank God - so I'll have much more "me" time to write during the year.

The last time I wrote, I think I mentioned my new nutrition plans. Well, as I did with my blog- I let that go. Then came summer break, and I went back to stay with my parents till moving day - so I signed up for a studio that has classes like Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and Aerobics. I. Am. Loving. It.

I bought a bunch of stuff lately - a few Revlon Lipbutters,  lipliner and lipstick from Rimmel, and found some unopened eyeshadow trios and a blush by Nivea - which is always fun.

I'll have A LOT of posting to do to make up for all the time I've missed!

See you all very, very soon :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Purrrr-ple - FOTD/EOTD

Hello all! :)

On this lovely, springy, lazy Friday I decided I'd do a FOTD/EOTD look with some purple shadows. It's been a love/hate relationship for me with purple makeup ideas - every single time I tried to do something nice, I ended up looking a like an old lady. I love how glowy and fun it all turned out.

Also, since I'm going on a first date with someone tonight and therefore I have butterflies in my tummy and I'm super hyped, I figured playing around with my makeup will keep me busy enough.


What I've used:

- Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
- Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in "F1/Fair"
- Smashbox High Definition Concealer in "Fair"
- Smashbox Bronze Lights in "Sunkissed Matte"
- Maybelline Dream Touch Blush  #06 - "Berry"

- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
- Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in "Mist" (#WT901)
- "Wow" (Israeli brand) Eyeshadow #12
- From the Sleek Makeup "Oh So Special" Eyeshadow Palette - "Wrapped Up"
- From Smashbox "In Bloom" Eyeshadow Pallete - "Lilly Pink"
- Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in "Smoke"
- L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara in "Luminizer - Hazel Eyes"
- L'oreal Paris Super Liner in "Luminizer - Hazel Eyes"

- Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick #160 "Special Diamonds"

Now, I know the eyeliner isn't "perfect", but I'm so damn proud of myself for not getting it all over my face that I don't even care!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hopefully, I'll update soon!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks - Swatches!

 You didn't really think I'd do it, huh? :P

Hey hey! New day, new post! How are we all doing today?

So, today I'd love to discuss (I thought I'd write "review", but I haven't really had a chance to use them a lot so I rephrased it) two new Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks I recently purchased! On Maybelline New York's website, they put a little "Why You'd Love It" section in the Product Details box, and they write as follows: 
"Fall in love with color, all over again:
 • Crisper color from pure pigments

 • Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar

 • Lipcolor so rich, so stunning…it’s sensational
 • 54 captivating shades"

Well, I purchased two shades: #832 - "Kiss Pearl" and #422 - "Coral Tonic". I actually didn't really plan to buy anything, but after I swatched Kiss Pearl on my hand at the drugstore and loved it(!) I decided to buy it right then and there - and since it was a "buy one get one free" sale, I thought about the fact that I have no corally colors in my collection at all, so I went ahead, swatched Coral Tonic, fell in love and bought that one too. (Impulsive shopper, aren't I?)

 Kiss Pearl is a frosty soft pink and Coral Tonic is, well, coral. Swatched on my hand they look like this:

And I've also swatched them on my lips:
Kiss Pearl

Coral Tonic
The formula is really good in my opinion - it really didn't feel like it's drying up my lips, but it's no lip balm/butter - meaning it doesn't really moisturize the lips or acts as a lip conditioner, but it feels nice to wear it. You can sort of tell how my lips are cracked a little from the cold (this winter is just bizzare - Israel is usually so hot, but this year it's just cold where I live! We had snow!!!). I'm not much of a lipstick person, I admit, but I do think that for the price - and the fact that it is a drugstore brand after all - it really is worth the money. 
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush - Review + Swatches!

Hi lovelies!

As I've promised, I'm updating the heck out of my blog. I've got so many new products to review!!!

The first product I'd like to discuss, though, is my Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in #16 "Rose".
On the company's website, they describe it as "Ultra fine, easy to blend powder blush":
"The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of the rose scented powder.
Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go!
The Little round pot blush exists in 12 shades to match all skin tones."
As I've already mentioned, I purchased this blush in tone #16 - "Rose". The little pot did come with a complementary brush, but since I've already started using this product I threw it out when I had a chance to feel it - it was too stiff and it scratched at my skin pretty badly. I have super sensitive skin though, so it might be just me.
This is what the blush looks like:

It's a really nice rosey pink color with pink and silver shimmer. A really interesting feature of this blush is that it's actually scented - and it smells SO GOOD! When I first applied it I really had no idea where that smell was coming from. I let a friend of mine have a sniff and she actually said it smells so yummy she just wants to take a bite and eat it. Obviously, I stopped her from doing that.
The pigmentation is pretty good - it's perfect for me since I don't like my blush to be really "out there" and obvious; it gives me the nice pink flush I'm going for. I tried to swatch it on my arm but I couldn't get it to show for some reason, however, it did show up nicely on my fingers, as you can see:

Bottom line?
- Very subtle
- Smells delicious
- Not too pricey (though right now I can't remember for the life of me how much I paid for it - sorry!)
- If you really want it to "show up" you need to work on it quite a bit.
- The complementary brush was a disaster on my skin.
- The mirror is small and useless, in my opinion.
Will I buy this again?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Going On?

Hey lovelies! I am having the toughest time ever, and I really do need to vent a little.

So, for starters, I've finished my first semester of my second year in college. I'm doing a BA degree in special education and learning disablities (in case you really had no idea) and exams are just a huge pain. I feel like I hardly have any time management skills at all, and no matter what I ask my uncle (who is a life-coach!) where I look online - I just can't find a system or tips that really work for me!

I'm seriously starting to get really depressed. My (now ex)boyfriend broke up with me a few days before Valentine's Day because he realized, after six months, that he doesn't actually love me - and frankly, I do agree that I'm better off with him. But it still blows. I just can't help but wonder if it's just me that's not good for other people, or if something's wrong with me - or that it really is that all men are stupid and need a brain transplant STAT. Ugh.

I've been having issues with my roommate too. We started the year off as really good friends and I really do still like her - but for the past few months things just went downhill. It started when I started seeing my ex (I guess she, like everyone else I know, really did not like him. At all) and we just got in petty fights and arguments. Living with her was just like hell. BUT! (luckily yes, there's a huge but right there!) When I told her I'm no longer with my ex, the atmosphere around the apartment was lighter again. We communicate again. We talk. We actually laugh and enjoy eachother's company.

I've been letting my blog go a lot, but I think it just added more pressure to me than fun, and I really didn't need another stress factor. I will try to write more, post more, review more and just get my thoughts together. I really do believe writing, even if no one reads it at all, is therapeutic. It's like having a diary (as in "dear diary", not like an agenda or whatever) only I guess sometimes people read it.

My addiction to make up and other beuty related stuff really kept me happy though. I got a whole lot of new products I still haven't reviewed and I need to, and I have a day or two that I let myself "off" - just to relax and do things that aren't study-related (although I do have a test coming up next week, but whatevs. I feel that if I start studying 4-5 I actually do it a lot more effectively. I think I might do a time-management post, too. Just to share, you know.)

Maybe if I'll be more active on the blogsphere I won't sit and mope around as much, as I'll have somthing to occupy myself with - like a hobby.

I'd love to know what you guys are feeling right now, and if you've got any tips or advice for me and for others who feel like me (but just don't share it with the enitre world like I do. I'm weird like that).

I'll start working on some new posts now!

Love always,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bourjois "Smokey Eyes" Review(+Swatch)!

Well, hello!

I know I said I'd do this, like, a lifetime ago, but I never had the chance to. Anyways, this is a product review for the Bourjois "Smokey Eyes" eyeshadow trio. I own it in #o6 - Violet Romantic.

Boy, have I got stuff to say about this one...

On the company's website, they describe this product as:

"Contained in a modern and feminine compact case, are three hues of complementary intensity. At the back, professional make up artist tips will help you to achieve step by step a “classic smoky” or a “fashion smoky” eye look.
Manufactured with the same process which has made our Little Round Pots famous since 1863, these eyeshadows possess the same qualities of flexibility and softness: an ultra fine, silky, micronised formula for an amazing blend, lasting 8 hours.
The ergonomic, double-tipped applicator has been specially designed to outline your eyes according to your wishes.
And what’s more, its formula respects the delicate eye area :
- Enriched with mineral powders
- Free of fragrance
- Dermatologically tested
6 combinations of 3 shades are now available in store for a different smoky look everyday!"

On the other hand, my opinion of this product is that it is utter nonsense. I have to admit, I was more than excited to purchase this the minute I heard Bourjois finally launched in Israel since I've heard nothing but great reviews about their products. Also, I didn't really want to purchase a "Little Round Pot" without getting to know the products first - so the girl at the counter offered me this trio. I can't remember, for the life of me, how much it cost, but I do remember it was cheap. Thus, I walked out of the drugstore with a new eyeshadow trio in my favorite color (purrrrrrrrple...) and a skip in my step. Little did I know what I was about to find out...

When I got home I was more than happy to rip open the packaging and get in on all the fun. After I did "get in", however, I was SO disappointed to find out that all those great reviews I've heard about Bourjois' eyeshadows were either completely false or just biased. This is what the product looked like when I swatched it:

As you can see, the trio is based on a dark/medium/light color scheme. The dark color is insanely pigmented, I admit, but the other two are just a big blooper for Bourjois in my opinion. This was taken at daytime, by the window with NO FLASH. You can't see the medium and the light colors AT ALL.

"Still", I told myself, "people DO talk very highly of these products. Try them on yourself!"


I wanted to post an EOTD using this trio. I tried numerous times to create a look (that doesn't look like a 3 year old did my make up) - but success just wouldn't come. The fallout from this product is just insane. It doesn't blend well AT ALL. Also, brush-wise, I could pick up color with my brushes AT ALL. I tried the crummy applicator it came with - and things just went downhill.

I honestly think "hate" is a really strong word, so I'll just put it this way:

Bottom line? I INTENSELY DISLIKE this product. I feel like I threw my money in the trash with this. I will never ever purchase eyeshadows from Bourjois. I didn't even "rate" this product like I usually do because it's just NOT WORTH IT. I am beyond disappointed and pissed off with this.

Has anyone else had any problems with Bourjois products, eyeshadows or other?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Crap on a Cracker! (EOTD)

I am SO overdue with this one! I'm also SO sorry!

Anyways, I'm trying to catch up on everything going on in my life, midterms are right around the corner and I'm even more stressed out than before.
And then I found these babies lounging around my desktop, so I figured I might as well post them.

EOTD for, what, two weeks ago?

I can't remember (for the life of me) what I've used. Meh.

I'll go study some more and update as soon as I can.