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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bourjois "Smokey Eyes" Review(+Swatch)!

Well, hello!

I know I said I'd do this, like, a lifetime ago, but I never had the chance to. Anyways, this is a product review for the Bourjois "Smokey Eyes" eyeshadow trio. I own it in #o6 - Violet Romantic.

Boy, have I got stuff to say about this one...

On the company's website, they describe this product as:

"Contained in a modern and feminine compact case, are three hues of complementary intensity. At the back, professional make up artist tips will help you to achieve step by step a “classic smoky” or a “fashion smoky” eye look.
Manufactured with the same process which has made our Little Round Pots famous since 1863, these eyeshadows possess the same qualities of flexibility and softness: an ultra fine, silky, micronised formula for an amazing blend, lasting 8 hours.
The ergonomic, double-tipped applicator has been specially designed to outline your eyes according to your wishes.
And what’s more, its formula respects the delicate eye area :
- Enriched with mineral powders
- Free of fragrance
- Dermatologically tested
6 combinations of 3 shades are now available in store for a different smoky look everyday!"

On the other hand, my opinion of this product is that it is utter nonsense. I have to admit, I was more than excited to purchase this the minute I heard Bourjois finally launched in Israel since I've heard nothing but great reviews about their products. Also, I didn't really want to purchase a "Little Round Pot" without getting to know the products first - so the girl at the counter offered me this trio. I can't remember, for the life of me, how much it cost, but I do remember it was cheap. Thus, I walked out of the drugstore with a new eyeshadow trio in my favorite color (purrrrrrrrple...) and a skip in my step. Little did I know what I was about to find out...

When I got home I was more than happy to rip open the packaging and get in on all the fun. After I did "get in", however, I was SO disappointed to find out that all those great reviews I've heard about Bourjois' eyeshadows were either completely false or just biased. This is what the product looked like when I swatched it:

As you can see, the trio is based on a dark/medium/light color scheme. The dark color is insanely pigmented, I admit, but the other two are just a big blooper for Bourjois in my opinion. This was taken at daytime, by the window with NO FLASH. You can't see the medium and the light colors AT ALL.

"Still", I told myself, "people DO talk very highly of these products. Try them on yourself!"


I wanted to post an EOTD using this trio. I tried numerous times to create a look (that doesn't look like a 3 year old did my make up) - but success just wouldn't come. The fallout from this product is just insane. It doesn't blend well AT ALL. Also, brush-wise, I could pick up color with my brushes AT ALL. I tried the crummy applicator it came with - and things just went downhill.

I honestly think "hate" is a really strong word, so I'll just put it this way:

Bottom line? I INTENSELY DISLIKE this product. I feel like I threw my money in the trash with this. I will never ever purchase eyeshadows from Bourjois. I didn't even "rate" this product like I usually do because it's just NOT WORTH IT. I am beyond disappointed and pissed off with this.

Has anyone else had any problems with Bourjois products, eyeshadows or other?

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