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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush - Review + Swatches!

Hi lovelies!

As I've promised, I'm updating the heck out of my blog. I've got so many new products to review!!!

The first product I'd like to discuss, though, is my Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in #16 "Rose".
On the company's website, they describe it as "Ultra fine, easy to blend powder blush":
"The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of the rose scented powder.
Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go!
The Little round pot blush exists in 12 shades to match all skin tones."
As I've already mentioned, I purchased this blush in tone #16 - "Rose". The little pot did come with a complementary brush, but since I've already started using this product I threw it out when I had a chance to feel it - it was too stiff and it scratched at my skin pretty badly. I have super sensitive skin though, so it might be just me.
This is what the blush looks like:

It's a really nice rosey pink color with pink and silver shimmer. A really interesting feature of this blush is that it's actually scented - and it smells SO GOOD! When I first applied it I really had no idea where that smell was coming from. I let a friend of mine have a sniff and she actually said it smells so yummy she just wants to take a bite and eat it. Obviously, I stopped her from doing that.
The pigmentation is pretty good - it's perfect for me since I don't like my blush to be really "out there" and obvious; it gives me the nice pink flush I'm going for. I tried to swatch it on my arm but I couldn't get it to show for some reason, however, it did show up nicely on my fingers, as you can see:

Bottom line?
- Very subtle
- Smells delicious
- Not too pricey (though right now I can't remember for the life of me how much I paid for it - sorry!)
- If you really want it to "show up" you need to work on it quite a bit.
- The complementary brush was a disaster on my skin.
- The mirror is small and useless, in my opinion.
Will I buy this again?

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  1. I have one of these little Bourjois blushes that I got when Ulta had a clearance. I don't remember the name but it's a shimmery hot pink. I love how they smell and they're pretty decent blushes!

    I actually would love getting the color you have. Nice and natural with a hint of shimmer. And the name is great - coup de foudre means something along the lines of "love at first sight" in English. :)