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Friday, August 19, 2011

What I Wore for Mom's Birthday Bash

Hey guys!
I know I said I'd post pics of my makeup, but I honestly hated it and it sucked for skittles tonight, so I'll skip it and just focus on my attire.

Anyhoo, I wore this dress:

I got it from a small local store where I live here in Israel, it cost me about 20 NIS (which is about 6$ - such a good find!) along with these shoes:
My Grandmother bought them for me on her last trip to Germany (She just got back a few days ago, so that explains why the tag's still on and all.). I love having a fashionista for a Grandmother. She has original YSL vintage clothing and whatnot. Going through her wardrobe is like dying and getting to heaven!
My hair was nothing special either - I like it long and free :)
As I said - my make up sucked for skittles (which means it sucked  BAD), so I ended up taking it off and just applying some black eyeliner and mascara and a little bit of blush since I was in a hurry to go and I kept everyone waiting just for me...

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  1. sooo pretty! I absolutely love that dress. you would have looked gorgeous