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Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Post - An Introduction

Well, first time blogging and I have to admit I'm pretty excited. I feel like on a first date, when I don't want to give out too much about myself, but then again I have a really bad case of rambling on and on and I just can't stop... I guess awkwardness in social situations manifests itself online as well.

Anyhoo, here goes. I'm Shir, 22 from Israel. I'm doing my B.A in Special Education and Learning Disabilities and I'm starting my second year (out of 3) this fall. I live alone in an apartment with a roommate (conveniently named Shiri, ha) and I come to my parents'  every now and then to see my beloved dog. I also have a Twitter account, if you were wondering (follow me: @shmagical).

As for my current addictions?
TV-wise: Jersey Shore. Yes, it's trash. Yes, I know that watching the show only makes them shoot more and more season and the circle will never break. I know all that stuff... And still, it's like watching a disaster as it happens: you know you should stop, but you just can't! So if I'll have a Jersey Shore weekly rant, please forgive me.
Music-wise: I love all music. For realsies. So nothing much to say about that.
Fashion-wise: I have an obsession with shoes. High heeled, killer shoes. I never loved them before, but I guess that I'm "becoming a woman", as they say, and frankly - I'm tired of looking like a 12 year old all the time. People should stop asking for my ID when I'm at a bar. Seriously.
Makeup-wise: Smashbox. 'Nuff said.
Otherwise: (Lol, see what I did there?) Purple. Anything purple. I love purple. I can talk about purple for DAYS.

I guess that's it for now, although I'm giving y'all a headsup: I will be posting pictures and details of my makeup gear later on today, which I promise will be very amateurishy for all you pro's out there. I'm very good with getting critique and such, so please - any tips or comments or just thoughts are more than welcome!

Love you all!

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