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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Might Be Inlove with L'oreal Paris

So, I was wandering around one of Israel's big drugstore/pharmacy chains with my mom and we went a little shopping-crazy. I'll divide the products into different posts (since they are from different brands) and I figured I might start the "series" with my new products from the "Luminizer" line by L'oreal Paris.

I came across a lot of review posts about these products while roaming the blogsphere and after sleeping on it for a while, I realize I had to have it for myself. One of my favorite posts is actually this one!
The entire line of products is based on black-colors (I know it sounds weird, but it really means it's a black with an undertone to it) and it's divided into "eyes" - each color matches a certain eye-color, like blue eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes and brown eyes.
I have a mixture of green and blue eyes (and one eye is actuallly bluer than the other!), and so I chose not to "stick" with the colors L'oreal thought would be best for my eyes and get the ones I actually liked best (purrrrrrple).


The stuff I got are twoVolume Million Lashes mascaras in Black Amethyst (black-purple, supposed to suit hazel eyes) and Black Diamond (black-brown, supposed to suit brown eyes) and two Superline eyeliners in Black Amethyst (black-purple) and Dark Sapphire (black-blue, supposed to suit blue eyes). Here are the pictures and swatches (excuse my surprisingly good camera though, I swear the hairs on my arms are NOT that obvious in person and out of macro-shooting mode!):

 (Left: Dark Sapphire; Right: Black Amethyst)
  (Left: Dark Sapphire; Right: Black Amethyst)
  (Left: Dark Sapphire; Right: Black Amethyst)
 (Top: Black Amethyst; Bottom: Black Sapphire)
Note how you can really see the blue "pop" when the light hits it. AWESOME.
 (Left: Black Amethyst; Right: Black Diamond)
  (Left: Black Amethyst; Right: Black Diamond)
 (Left: Black Amethyst; Right: Black Diamond)

And here's the Black Amethyst mascara on my eyes (and unmade-up face. I couldn't be bothered wearing makeup today, I was having a moody morning...) *Look how much bluer my right eye is*:

I got the mascaras for 119.99 NIS each (equals about 33$) and the Superline eyeliners retail at 94.99 NIS each (equals about 25$) but I got them on a "buy-one-mascara-get-one-Superline-eyeliner-for 30 NIS" sale, so they really cost me around 8$ per eyeliner. 

see y'all soon!

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  1. Are those liners in the US? I like the look of them. I can't wait to see you do a look with them.

    And I heard somewhere that mascaras that have specks of shimmer in them are actually really irritating and no good.

    Will there be reviews and LOTDs in the future with these? I'm curious to see how they are!