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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eyes, Eyes, Eyes!!!

Hello my lovelies! Long time no see!

I am loving the makeup geek life, my dears. Last night I went out on a second date (ooh, how exciting!) with someone, and we went to this fancy restaurant and I decided to make my eyes up accordingly!

So... Here it is:

I used my Smashbox stash for this look, and I finally managed to master the liquid eyeliner! YAY!!! Also, I didn't use false eyelashes. Those babies are all mine :) Sorry that the pictures aren't top quality, I had to use my cell's camera, but they didn't turn out that bad at all.

Also, I went home to visit my folks for the weekend and get my Sleek Makeup package from the mail (*squeel*) so I decided I'd do my eyes for that occasion as well:

I'm still LOLing at the last picture - deer in the headlights! I used my Smashbox stash for this one, too.

Bottom line, I used my Smashbox In Bloom eyeshadow palette for both looks, and more specifically Pink Lilly, Golden Rose, Shimmery Copper and Bone for the "evening" look and Bone, Pink Lilly and Golden Rose for the "daytime" look. My mascara is Revlon Colorstay in black and my eyeliner is a random eyeliner I stole from my mom by Jade, also in black.

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